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Not sure if this has any relation to Brooke's break in but I saw a "kid" a on a bike this morning. He stopped to "to get a cigarette" and watched a neighbor leave for work. He peddled a few yards then lit it, turned to watch the neighbor drive off then rode back by the house. He turned around again as I walked down my driveway and called out to confront me. He defended his actions and said he was on his way to North Central and rode away turning, of course, the wrong way on 66th. While I was talking to him my wife was calling 911 and we saw a cruiser go by a few minutes later. Medium build, white male, 16 - 20 years old, dark hair, black hat, black shirt, jeans riding a bike that looked to small for him.

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Thanks for sharing Chris!

FYI...i saw a person this morning fitting this discription with a red back pack riding the canal path heading toward the Village ...appox 7:30...


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