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After getting the friendly reminder today that we owe another $1500 in flood insurance because the area hasn't been remapped yet, I again started considering what options we have to get our neighborhood out of this expense.  I'm posting to gauge what support there is here to make a united front on the issue.  I have heard of cases where neighborhoods have been able to get remaps on an individual basis, but first I want to hear some opinion and see what level of support we have.


The 3rd phase of the floodwall is likely tabled for years while Rocky Ripple residents negotiate sales of their land (and likely a redraw of phase 3), while our neighborhood pays millions in premiums/year.  IMO it's the biggest issue our neighborhood has.  I know there has been strong interest in the past, but I would like to get our leadership behind this and some unity on the issue.


There is no downside to getting remapped outside of the legwork of getting it done.  I understand some here who have their home paid off may not care.  If you still want flood insurance you'll still be able to purchase it, and surely at a lower rate.  The insurance itself doesn't even cover basements, so it would only be useful in the event of a catastrophic flood, which is highly unlikely being that the flood wall directly  protecting warfleigh is done.


I don't think i can sit by another 5-10 years and $7500-15000 waiting for Rocky Ripple and the govt to agree. Thoughts?

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Sounds interesting. What's involved in getting the area remapped?

Griff, short answer is I'm not sure.  I've heard of a few cases where neighborhoods were united and able to get a remap done in a reasonable period of time.  Probably cases like Warfleigh where our primary protection to go to a 500 year plain was in place already.  Our problem is that they don't plan to remap until phase 3 is done...of course phase 3 has a major kink in it now.


I think the key right now is to see if we're united enough to get ourselves and our leadership on board to work toward this goal.

According to the army corps plan, the goal is to move us from a 100 year flood plain rating to a 500 year flood plain rating (they're rated by letters, but that is what it translates to).  The key is that mortgage companies require flood insurance in 100 year plains but not 500 year plains.  That said, I'm sure if you're in a 500 year plain they would at least be obligated to sell insurance if requested.


Heck, I bet they'd sell it if you were on top of a hill.  You can insure anything, it's just a matter of premium, right? :)


Good point re: codes.  I didn't consider that additional burden on the neighborhood.




Cathy, I copied this from a quick scam of the FEMA FAQ.


"As established by the U.S. Congress, the sale of flood insurance under the NFIP is subject to FEMA rules and regulations. FEMA has elected to have state-licensed insurance companies’ agents and brokers sell flood insurance to consumers. State regulators hold the insurance companies’ agents and brokers accountable for providing NFIP customers with the same standards and level of service that the states require of them in selling their other lines of insurance. Private insurance companies participating in the Write Your Own (WYO) Program must be licensed and regulated by states to engage in the business of property insurance in those states in which they wish to sell flood insurance."

It reads to me like the govt is involved in all flood policies, but allows retailers to act as the front door.

I'm very interested in being able to stop paying the FEMA mandated insurance, however, I don't have any time to devote to researching or working on it.  If it's a signature on a petition or writing a letter supporting the cause I am more than happy to participate, and I'm sure many others who don't have time to work on it would too - it's just finding an energetic party or parties who will do, as you say, the legwork.


cjb, didn't a house on the west side, 6100 block of Delaware recently do a major backyard addition?  I wonder how that was possible?

Yes. Yes. and Yes. Will this be on the agenda to get the temperature of the neighborhood? I am new so not sure how issues are presented~


Donna, Francie, thanks for your replies.  Gauging interest is certainly the goal here.  It has been brought up before, but I'd really like to get some neighborhood unity here and get our leadership on board with the importance of this issue. 


I'm not certain when the next meeting is, but we need to have it brought up and get some organization behind this effort.  Many people who attend the meetings aren't on this forum as well.  Of course many more can only be reached via block captains, etc.


IMO it's the biggest issue for Warfleigh.  Most of us would like to not be coughing up thousands/year as we wait for a flood map revision.

For those interested, the *.pdf file in the link below answers a lot of questions.  What we'd be hoping for is largely covered at item #89 and on.



WNA Monthly Meeting

September 18, 2011 from 1pm to 2:30pm – Trinity Church


Too late to get on the agenda?

As a long time Warfliegh owner (6068 Riverview, now a rental), close levee project follower and consulting geologist, I have to ask some of you folks if you understand how the levee system does and does not work.  Until the sysrem is finsihed by the Rivi, the entire neighborhood is subject to flood because the Rivi is THE low spot.  That huge wall you see on Riverview actually does little in a true big flood as the water would come in from the Rivi and then fill the neighborhood.  We actually have no more protection than the lowest spot.

 While we do not like to pay flood insurance, we would never drop it until the levee is finished if we owned the house fully, and since we have a mortgage, our insurance company would never let us drop the insurance. 

I have done remappings (LOMR and LOMA) and have to wonder how FEMA would ever approve this.

Of greater concern is the upcoming, but not yet announced likely tree removal on the back side of the levee.  This was a major topic of discussion in the mid 90's and I for one detest the idea of major tree removal..The assertion that trees weaken the levee is false in this case,  Complex issue that must be understood fully.  I would be happy to help WNA, but the leadership needs to get more engaged.   I am very involved in the larger current discussions and know all of the ACE and DPW players.


Kevin Strunk

I couldn't agree more Cathy.  At least we'd have a little deeper pockets...and of course some of that would go into the homes.  I think a few of my neighbors pay ~$2500/yr. Our homeowners insurance is $750, with $1500 for flood while we sit behind a levy.  Nuts.

We are happy to support this effort.  I agree, for my family, this issue of removing the requirement to purchase flood insurance is our top issue as Warfleigh residents.  I have weekly discussions about it with my neighbor, who also agrees with you.  Here is a link to the city's info about the project...









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