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My cat was hit by a car this evening and then ran off. I cannot find him. If you see an injured cat please call me day or night. My cell # is 317-626-7316. He is grey and has a black collar with a heart shaped tag. His name is Ginko, he will answer to Kitty also. He is neutered and has all of his shots but he could be injured from the car. He ran to the area of 63rd and park. Also, if you live in the area and saw someone shining a flashlight in your yard it was me looking for him.

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Sarah, I have not found your cat but wanted to mention a few things.  Cats are amazing at being able to muster the will to get out of the street even when they are hurt badly.  He may well be alright, but just not able to make it back home.  If everyone who reads this looked around very thoroughly in their own yards and bushes, etc. the chances of finding him would improve.  I hope everyone will do that.  Good luck to you.


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