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Increasing Harassment from Occupant at Corner of Central Ave and Towpath

Nearly two years ago I first had my photo taken walking on the tow path on the north side of the Canal by the occupant on the 6200 block of Central Avenue and towpath.  Nothing like feeling like a star!  It honestly didn’t bother me at first but over the last year it has become increasingly confrontational and the man has become belligerent.   Please follow what I view as a public safety concern for the neighborhood.

After my first photographs, I continued to take my typical route into Broad Ripple during the day until about a year ago when the photographer came bolting out of his back door running up to within about 2 feet of me and my wife and child and taking photos/ video (looks like a flip camera to me).  I said “hello” with no response and he followed us for about 20 feet before turning back.  Obviously odd but we thought instead of sticking on the path on the north side of the canal we should maybe cross the bridge in the future to walk on the tow path vs. the path nearest his house. 

So about six months ago my family and I went to Biscuits for breakfast one day and were seated by the gentlemen.  At first we didn’t notice anything but he became increasingly agitated.  Muttering words under his breath highlighted by some curse words once in a while.   When I got up to pay the bill my wife noted that his voice raised while I was gone and he was cursing and muttering nonsense at a much louder tone apparently about me.  When I returned it ceased and we left.

Now, just last week we were walking to the Farmer’s Market and crossing the bridge to head into Broad Ripple.  The guy once again bolted out of his house and was obviously following us filming/taking photos all the way into Broad Ripple.  I have two small kids now and felt enough was enough and turned around to walk towards him.  I was expecting him to actually stop or turn around but he kept walking until he passed me and refused to acknowledge me in the slightest.  I then turned around and followed him while he began yelling aggressively at my wife “Who is this guy?  Who is this guy?  What is his name?”  I asked him his name and he finally answered, throwing his hands up in the air and shaking his arms.  I verified it; as much as you can online, and I think he told me the truth.    He then continued to yell at my family that I was a “criminal” and that “I was going to jail.”  I’m fairly certain I have no warrant out for my arrest.

My wife ultimately decided to contact a special unit of the police (Crisis Intervention Team) that is trained to work with individuals who are mentally ill.  She provided the information that is shared here and also gave some of the background that all of the neighbors have shared on this site.  She was advised that the photographer has a history with the police department (whatever that means….has someone else contacted that authorities re: his behavior?) and if future scenarios should arise, we should call 911 during the confrontation (i.e. while he is taking pictures, yelling, etc.)

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Actually I have spoke with a number of physicians and it is highly possible that he could eventually hurt someone, especially if we have noticed a change in behavior.  His reality is not what we know reality to be and he can perceive others as a threat to him and can potentially be very dangerous.  I truly do not think he has been dangerous in the past, however, with his increased aggression I have noticed recently I am concerned.  The Crisis Intervention was not much help.  Basically the way it was explained to me is that most uniformed officers are trained in crisis intervention.  When an incident is reported the officer sent out may request a crisis intervention officer if he/she is not trained in crisis intervention.  They will decide to intervene dependent on the situation.  Regardless it has to happen after an incident.  So, they referred me to Adult Protective Services.  I left a message with them today and hope to hear back early next week.  I can't remember exactly when his caretaker died but it was approximately a year ago.  I have definately noticed his behavior getting worse this summer and he has especially been bad the past few weeks.  Lately he seems to be getting worse and more aggressive by the day.  As I mentioned before he chased another neighbor all the way into her house last week as well as chasing my wife and kids very aggressively.  He even reached in the car after them.  I encourage anyone else who has a run in with him to call the police as well as Adult Protective Services.  I will keep you in the loop.

I have an update on the situation at 6203 Central Ave.

I spoke with a CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Officer who was EXTREMELY helpful and eager to help resolve this situation asap.  The officer told me the more people involved the more likely this will get this resolved.  So, if you feel sorry for this man and would like to get him the help he needs, or if you feel threatened by his behavior, or if you are simply annoyed with this situation PLEASE get involved.  He said there are some very important steps we all need to take.


1.  We need to report ABSOLUTELY everything to the police.  The non-emergency number is 327-3811.  That means any erratic behavior, anytime he plays the loud strange music/sounds, shouting and screaming, and/or any threaten behavior.   This will help build the file.  He told me that this address already has a "hazard warning" label at the police department.  If you have concerns about being involved you can either make an anonymous report or tell the dispatcher to make sure the police do not come to your house when they investigate the incident.


2.  When we report each event it is very important we include the problem address.  This will ensure all the reports are linked to one file.   His address is 6203 Central Avenue.


3.  When we report an incident we need to specifically request a CIT Officer at the scene.  You may explain that this because we are dealing with a repetitive Mental Health Issue.  If the CIT in our area is off duty the officer on duty can bring another CIT to the scene.  The CIT Officers are the only Officers that have the authority to intervene on a mental health case.


4.  When we make a report we need to suggest to the dispatcher to have the officer drive up and park where the resident cannot see them coming.  The problem for them is catching him in the act as well as actually talking to him.   As soon as he sees the police he stops his behavior and hides in his house where they have no access.  (The CIT Officer may get a warrant to enter the house; this is why it is so important for them to see his behavior).

Thanks for the great information ! 

We saw three cruisers on Laverock this (Tuesday 9/13) morning around 8am, and an officer at his door. Apparently there was a disturbance call at 7:18am, but I just now noticed that it looks like there was an earlier call at 1:07am.

I ran by there right at 7 and there was some pretty loud music going.  I'm guessing it was either that or a combination of the music (if you could call it that, sounded more like a techno fire alarm) and the usual screaming at passers by.
My husband texted me yesterday (Tuesday) morning at 8am, as he was dropping off our son at MIL's house, that police cars were there and the gentleman was in handcuffs.
I , as well had a run in with this character....usually in a sport coat and dark glasses.  He took photos of me and my wife in my front yard, which at the time i thought was odd, though i blew it off.  A few weeks later i was in my garage and notice him in my front yard taking photos... i confronted him sternly yet politely, yet he became irrational and the conversation went south from there with me throwing him out of my yard.  I later inquired with a friend who knows his name and reiterated the fact that he appears to have emotional issues. This scenario has the potential to turn quite ugly if this individual snaps one day.


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