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Increasing Harassment from Occupant at Corner of Central Ave and Towpath

Nearly two years ago I first had my photo taken walking on the tow path on the north side of the Canal by the occupant on the 6200 block of Central Avenue and towpath.  Nothing like feeling like a star!  It honestly didn’t bother me at first but over the last year it has become increasingly confrontational and the man has become belligerent.   Please follow what I view as a public safety concern for the neighborhood.

After my first photographs, I continued to take my typical route into Broad Ripple during the day until about a year ago when the photographer came bolting out of his back door running up to within about 2 feet of me and my wife and child and taking photos/ video (looks like a flip camera to me).  I said “hello” with no response and he followed us for about 20 feet before turning back.  Obviously odd but we thought instead of sticking on the path on the north side of the canal we should maybe cross the bridge in the future to walk on the tow path vs. the path nearest his house. 

So about six months ago my family and I went to Biscuits for breakfast one day and were seated by the gentlemen.  At first we didn’t notice anything but he became increasingly agitated.  Muttering words under his breath highlighted by some curse words once in a while.   When I got up to pay the bill my wife noted that his voice raised while I was gone and he was cursing and muttering nonsense at a much louder tone apparently about me.  When I returned it ceased and we left.

Now, just last week we were walking to the Farmer’s Market and crossing the bridge to head into Broad Ripple.  The guy once again bolted out of his house and was obviously following us filming/taking photos all the way into Broad Ripple.  I have two small kids now and felt enough was enough and turned around to walk towards him.  I was expecting him to actually stop or turn around but he kept walking until he passed me and refused to acknowledge me in the slightest.  I then turned around and followed him while he began yelling aggressively at my wife “Who is this guy?  Who is this guy?  What is his name?”  I asked him his name and he finally answered, throwing his hands up in the air and shaking his arms.  I verified it; as much as you can online, and I think he told me the truth.    He then continued to yell at my family that I was a “criminal” and that “I was going to jail.”  I’m fairly certain I have no warrant out for my arrest.

My wife ultimately decided to contact a special unit of the police (Crisis Intervention Team) that is trained to work with individuals who are mentally ill.  She provided the information that is shared here and also gave some of the background that all of the neighbors have shared on this site.  She was advised that the photographer has a history with the police department (whatever that means….has someone else contacted that authorities re: his behavior?) and if future scenarios should arise, we should call 911 during the confrontation (i.e. while he is taking pictures, yelling, etc.)

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Very smart idea to call the Crisis Intervention Team, I didn't know such a thing existed. Thanks for the information.

I wonder how his immediate neighbors feel about him? 

We were walking by his place the other night with the dogs and there was a very loud, low rumbling coming from the house with infrequent breaks in the noise.  Has he ever been discussed on the agenda (or less specifically, residents that act threateningly) at any of the neighborhood meetings?

There is another thread about him here.  I think the consensus is that he's harmless, but who knows when he might cross the line.

I usually point at him for my own entertainment and oddly he seems very okay with that.



By definition, that neighbor has committed the criminal crime of assault with respect to the original incidents described in the thread, as well as other incidents that have been posted about here.  A person does not have to touch you to commit assault.  If by their deliberate actions or words, they make you feel at risk for your safety (or that of your children), then they have committed a crime.  It appears that his actions are escalating, as well.  That worries me since Carly and I (and our visitors/friends) use that section of the tow path all the time, and his actions don't appear to be confined to his property.




Ryan, (and others): it's probably a good idea to call the police if something like that happens in the future.  You might also try to snap a cell phone picture of him if possible.  If you have a newer smart phone, it will tag the picture with your GPS location, as well as the date and exact time, in the event that he runs off before police arrive

I noticed that noise, I think it was this past Tuesday. The only thing I could think of was that perhaps he was sanding down hardwood floors. Either that, or perhaps he has a TBM in his basement, lol.
He had an "issue" in Binkleys one time when a customer wasn't happy about being photographed in the bar.

Weren't we trying to get a neighborhood phone list together at one time?  I think this guy should run point on the project.

Just a thought, he may be reading this~hello neighbor!

I'm a few doors down, and I've seen him taking shots of houses on his daily walks and randomly flipping off cars going by across the street.  So far he's only screamed at me from his doorway when I run by his house in the mornings, and it's been a few months since that happened.  Good call on contacting the police on that encounter, as it was clearly crossing the line from the usual odd behavior we've observed.


When I've said hello as he's passing by he gives a polite response, but my dog always seems to enjoy belching out a few howls at him.  I figure that's just some sort of divine payback for the shouting tirades.



I say a prayer every time I see Jeff.  And, I also say HELLO.


I believe he is a prisoner within his own.


I just DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A SECOND THIS  individual is harmful.



I do believe he is afflicted with an illness that is very horrible to live with.



It will do no harm so have mercy on the ill people of our society.


God Bless Jeff and we can only hope that there is a medicine that could alleviate these behaviors displayed toward his neighbors and passerby's.

I live very close to this person.  He has been a problem as long as I can remember and we have lived here for over ten years.  I was informed by the police years ago that he was diagnosed as Paranoid Skitzophrenia.  Not sure if that is true but he surely exhibits that behavior.  I know that his caretaker has passed away and he has no family in town.  I used to dismiss him as harmless however I have noticed in the recent months his behavior has escalated dramatically, especially in the past few weeks.  Last week he chased another neighbor home and he also went after my wife and kids.  My concern is where he is heading.  I want to stop him and/or get him help before he does something bad.  The police told me since he has not done anything illegal yet their hands are tied.  I am going to contact the Police Crisis Intervention for the mentally ill today.  I am looking for any support anyone has to offer to stop this situation as it has already gone too far and needs to stop before anyone gets hurt or worse.


Mr. Diercks -- Thanks for the info that his caretaker died. When was this? And is that approximately when his behavior worsened? If he truly is schizophrenic, he's very ill, and it would seem that a caretaker would be essential. It could be that he no longer has someone to make sure he takes the necessary medication. Unmedicated mental illness can be very dangerous for the patient. Since he has never actually attacked anyone in all the years he's lived here, then he probably won't (past behavior being a fairly reliable indicator in cases like his), but of course that is not a guarantee. But perhaps it would be a great kindness to him to alert some social service agency. There is no doubt that he is suffering.


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