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Did anyone else get their property assessment today?  I'm just curious how much yours changed.  Mine was 126% of it's previous.  That was doing the math as new/250ish over old 200ish.

We've done some minor renovation/rehab, but nothing wild.

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You can look up change for any property's assessment by address at http://maps.indy.gov/PropertyAssessmentViewer/ If you put in one address, you'll see the map for much of the block.

Mine was $10,000 less and we have remodeled our kitchen.  How do they do this from just driving by?

Well, at least they didn't look into the windows and see that kitchen Rita!  This is what I get for repainting the garage doors. :)


MaryAnn, thanks for the link.  I can't get it to work but I'd bet their site is getting hammered with views right now.

Ours went down as well, and I'm glad they didn't see our kitchen remodel as well...I'll take the lower taxes for a year.

My assessment was UP  $44,000--a 24% increase. After using the Assessors map, I had noticed my neighbors either had a slight reduction or slight increase.  I filed an appeal today...and they had several items wrong....they made some corrections, and took my information...re-assessed, and took it back to 2008, resulting in $60,000. less...and I'm going to get a refund...all the way back to 2008!!!  They were very helpful and very nice to deal with...the North branch Assessors office, on 86th Street @ Guilford.  i was glad I went today as their office was not busy. 

Tridi, can you share what sort of info you brought in to dispute and what seems to work so well for you?  You can call/text at 908-4544 if you prefer.  VERY interested.

The appeal deadline is 45 days after the county mails the Form 11. I believe Marion County's appeal deadline is Jan. 28.

Amy & Brody...Im involved WRTV6 toy drive distribution all day today and tomorrow.  Will try and call you on Saturday.

No problem. Thanks for the reply!

Mine *only* shows about a 14% increase, and it's up for all but one house on the block.  The two neighbors to the north are looking at a 27% and 45% increase.  

You have to love that the canal, yes the canal is listed, shows a drop of 88-94%in assessed value throughout the area.


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