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There is a giant swing on broadway - about two stories- in the front yard of a home.  Frankly it is an eyesore.  Are there any neighborhood covenants or regulations addressing this?  I've contacted the mayors action committee but no help there.  Something like this should be in the backyard.

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No comments, so I guess it's not a problem. Better than a Firebird on cinder blocks.
I know that this is a rental and I think that the person is a single parent with one child.  I don't know his name; I thought the swing was also a curiousity, but I didn't see it as necessarily an eyesore.  I am not sure there is a neighborhood covenant or guidelines, just city code-as far as I know.  If anyone knows different please post.
I agree w/you Jenny, It's kind of a "well, what's up with that?" sort of thing but I think of it as a conversation piece.
If it's a rental, you might talk to the owner?
... did you try directly speaking to the parent and seeing if you all might be able to mediate a solution ?
There you go.  ;)
I agree with Griff, i'm so glad it's not a Firebird on cinderblocks.  For my part, when we bought our house here, we were pleased to be separate from the obnoxious neighborhood conformity covenants.  Live and let live in Warfleigh!


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