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I'm surprised nobody has commented on the letter I received the other day from the wonderful FEMA, which I thought may have dropped through other mailboxes by now. Flood insurance to increase 25% per year for properties that are not your primary residence until they reach normal risk values. No biggie if you live here at first glance but a bit of a killer for a rental property owner, which will maybe flood the market with rental properties for sale.

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Hmm, I don't think I received that letter....

I'll get it scanned and post it up here.

Do you own rental property, or maybe they just assume that since Warfleigh was once an area of "vacation" properties that we all have another primary residence! :)

I don't own rental property in Broad Ripple though I am considering buying the one next door so the lawn gets mowed more often...

I understand that!

I got a letter asking me to send in proof of primary residency (such as drivers license, utility bill) so as not to fall into the 25%.

Same here Sarah.

Yeah, we received that letter about 6 weeks back.

If somebody could post this letter, it would be appreciated. I don't think I ever received one and want to ensure I send in proof of primary residency. Thanks for the heads up. -Will 

Good point about the rentals Griff. It will be interesting to see what happens. 

I have tried to attach scans of the FEMA letter. 

There was an informative article in the Aug/Sept Indy Midtown Magazine on page 16 entitled, "Flood protection update". Here is the paragraph I found most hopeful, "the City is in discussions with FEMA to request that many Broad Ripple properties receive partial or complete relief from flood insurance and floodplain building restrictions because of the existing levee from Broad Ripple to the Riviera Club. Without any further extension of the flood barrier beyond its current termination at the Riviera Club, the Broad Ripple flood elevation has already been reduced by 7 feet. Because practically, if not legally, such property is already above the design flood levels, this would seem to be an appropriate request."



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