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Any other pet owners getting a little tired of fireworks?  I understand that it is legal to set them off between 9 AM and 11 PM but I have heard them as early as 6 AM and well into the wee hours.  4th of July weekend is over - can we give it a rest for a while?  I know I probably sound like a party pooper but a lot of the animals really freak out.

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Well, here's a page on the state law for them:


It doesn't look like there's much you can do it's within the proper hours aside from asking them to stop if they're not on their property or on the property of someone who has given them permission to light off fireworks. And I doubt you'd get much response from calling the police unless they're setting off really large shells after hours.  Last year a car did come by my street when a neighbor called on someone a few doors down doing that very thing.

Much of this doesn't matter if there are projectiles being shot off that land several yards away!

Thanks for the giggle

It's particularly hard on the animals.  Poor Brady and Stella tremble and shake, and we have a hard time getting them to go outside. Here's hoping we're through for this holiday...

Not only do animals freak out, fireworks wreak emotional and psychological havoc on our service men and women who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Please stop placing unnecessary trauma on those who put their lives on the line to defend our country.

Yes, they're legal, but fireworks are not necessary to your well-being, and they harm people and animals.  Just say "no"!


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