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Last night, just before midnight, I watched as a taxi driver (Broad Ripple Village Taxi #661) started dumping garbage from the back of his cab onto Washington Blvd. I just stood there and watched (who knows, maybe he was planning on picking it up and putting it into a bag when he was done?) until he got in and closed the door. By the time he started to pull away, I was standing next to his car yelling at him (and getting his car number, obviously). He started saying he was going to pick it up, and then complaining about his fare, who apparently hurled all over the back of his car before heading over to 6220. I guess the fare didn't live there, since he found himself locked out of the house. Anyway, according to the IMPD dispatcher since I made him pick up his garbage, it wasn't littering.

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Oh, heavens.


Did the person make it into the house eventually?  And did you call Broad Ripple Village Taxi and mention this behavior?  They certainly don't want us as a neighborhood shunning their business.

I don't know if the drunk person made it into the house, but after a while I didn't hear him on his phone anymore. As for the cab company, I emailed them. Calling after midnight, I'd probably just get a dispatcher who probably wouldn't care.


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