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Having initiated a lot of the WNA Crime Watch tips into practice, I thought now was a good a time as ever to re-introduce one of those points.

Door-to-door solicitation is legal only by permit in the city of Indianapolis. Our neighborhood is no exception. Spring has seen a lot of remodeling/renovation sales at our doorsteps, and it is our collective responsibility to be inquiring.

Here's an example I hope you'll all take to heart. About one week ago, I was weeding in our front lawn when approached by a man who represented a company calling itself "Precision Windows" and drove an Infiniti with Ohio plates. I immediately asked him if he could show me his solicitation permit and his reaction was to point to the south and say "they have it downtown." When I told him he needs to have that document on his persons while knocking on doors, he gave a sarcastic smile, thanked me and walked away. I called the police.

Another sales rep from Quality came just two days ago and had her paperwork on her. I told her no thanks and have been bothered no more. Point is- keep your guard up. Not everyone has their permit and would just as likely kick your door in than try and sell you something from a company they don't represent anyhow.

Ask for their permits! If they don't have them, tell them to get lost. If they seem suspicious, call IMPD.

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Very good and timely reminder! I got this from our IMPD crime watch coordinator today:
"Platinum Protection Scam"
If someone come to your door saying they're with "Platinum Protection" beware it's a scam.
They are gathering information on your alarm. The so-called solicitor, in this particular case was a white male, approximately in early to mid 20's, 5" 10" slender build, brown short hair, glasses and ball cap, Polo shirt and jeans and driving a Blue Ford, Florida lic.plate # 453 XBI exp 5-10. The company these people are supposedly representing has many sites with complaints about fraud and deception. Do not talk to them. If you google "Platinum Protection Scam" you will see many complaints about fraud and deception.

Remember think too good to be true, too much of hurry to purchase, be very cautious on signing any paper work.

See also: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/23235575/detail.html
Update on the Door-to-Door Solicitors. I just had a guy knock on my door that said he was there to update my Security System computer since Brinks had went out of business. I told him I was not interested and he left. He said he was with Guardian Security. He was a white male maybe with Asian ancestry, slender build, and a little over 6ft wearing a blue polo with khaki pants. I called Broadview, which is now Brinks, and they never heard of him. I have also notified IMPD. BEWARE of Solicitors. FYI, burglars will be out the weather is nice.
Thanks, Joe. The "Platinum Alarm " guy evidently was in our neighborhood again last evening (Sat, May 22). The good news is that we found out about it from the police, who were cruising the neighborhood looking for him - there were two IMPD cars that we saw.
Good info. 
Just a reminder to call 911 for any suspicious persons, including aggressive solicitors. Officers would much rather get called out and it be nothing then not be called out for something that ends badly.


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