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I'm having car problems.  I would love to check the electrical system before I have the car towed.  We think it's the fuel pump.  If you own a scan tool...would you mind meeting me at my car (it's parked in Warfleigh) and helping a neighbor out for a few mintues?  Thank you! 

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Jennifer, I have a pretty nice one since I do a lot of side work on friends' cars.


I have a fuel pressure test kit and injector test kit as well if you need diagnosis.  I wouldn't want $$ from anyone just to scan their car.  908-4544

Cool!  I truly appreciate your generosity.  I'll give you a call. 

Hey Jennifer, just following up.  Did the seat heaters work?

Nope :-)  Good deduction my dear Watson!  You nailed it!  I hope to get the car in to Honda this week...but with the Holiday...it may have to wait.  Thank you for all of your help!  I will update.  


My wife has a Honda CRV and her check engine light just came on.  Any chance I could employ your diagnostic tool for a few minutes if you think it will work on her 2002 honda?  We live on Riverview Dr. near 61st.  

No sweat Jason!  I live at 44 Kessler Blvd East Dr.  Feel free to drop by anytime.  My phone # is above.  It has been used on 3 CRV's thus far, so i know it'll work.


That goes for anyone here as well.  Auto repair is a side job for me, but my general rule is 50% of the dealership price.  Quick diagnostic work/advice is always free.  I'm equipped to do just about any work outside of transmission rebuilds or driveline work on larger trucks.


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