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Unfortunately, there were a lot of very unhappy people this morning as they awoke to damaged cars and property along 64th Street and Riverview.  At 64th and Central going east on 64th street, there was a police car on a call due to the neighbor on the NE corner had his car damaged (rearview mirror).  The neighbor on the SE corner had her back window broken and a block east there was a new Lexus with damage inflicted.  A truck on the NW corner house had their mirror damaged.  As you go on Riverview, there was damage to a car parked on Riverview with both mirrors ripped off and taken and the house on the corner of Riverview and Delaware had their front lights demolished.  Further down on Riverview and Meridian Street East, their fence was ripped apart.  As I understand it the neighbors on the NE corner of 64th and Central found a cell phone, probably owned by one of the culprits, and so there is potential for finding out who is responsible.  I suggest that everyone call the police and report the damage to their property so that if the responsible person is found, you can post a claim against them.  Whoever it is, will be very unhappy when they are approached about the found cell phone and charged with vandalism.


With recent move ins to the neighborhood at the white house just south of 63rd on Washington and the young people further down on Washington near 62nd Street (the stone and blue siding house) and the white house on Riverview and Meridian West Drive, it seems that we have had more incidents of damage to homes and cars than at any time that I can remember. Why do people think they can disrespect other people's space and feel no consequence for doing so? 

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thank you for telling us about the damage, Jose.  I made a report to the police.
So sorry to hear that Jose.  I would definitely be reporting if I had to repeatedly deal with this. Something tells me the guy on Wash may be making a change of career plans if the finger points back that way.;)
Let's hope that person is not involved, but you are right that being involved may force a change in plans on his part.
Mr. Espada,

Sorry to hear about the vandalism in our neighborhood. I hope the police can put a stop to it and make some arrest(s). My roommate owns "the stone and blue siding house" to which your post refers. Your reference to our house in the last paragraph of your post is both accusatory and slanderous. It is quite unfriendly to make public record such an offensive suspicion. We understand that you may have posted this without considering too clearly the implications. We also understand you may have been angry (who wouldn't be) when composing your post. Also, we are up to speed with your frustrations regarding the med-school hopeful and the cloud of suspicion that surrounds him, but please don't lump all "young people"/new residents into one undesirable lot.

Let me formally declare that acts of vandalism have been neither carried out nor condoned by either resident or any guest of 6222 Washington Blvd. We enjoy living in this neighborhood and have been very pleased with the overall friendliness and warmth that we've experienced from our neighbors in Warfleigh.

You are correct that it was not my intention to implicate and I apologize.  Unfortunately, we hear from neighbors who live adjacent to new arrivals in the neighborhood and you jump to conclusions unnecessarily.  It has been an unfortunate coincidence that we have had so much happening since the discussion with the house on Washington and much of what has happened is fairly close to this house.  I certainly would like to meet you and apologize in person.


This morning I saw another car with a bashed mirror and I also found remnants of someone's bike carrier (red and black Yamika) in the middle of the street.  I suspect it was used to bash that car's mirror.

When we were walking the dogs last evening, we saw three car mirrors sitting on top of the retaining wall on the levee bordering Riverview, near the outlet of Deleware? just north of the pump station.  If you are missing a mirror, you should go walk that section of the path and see if one of them is yours.  They looked like they were in good shape and may be salvagable.


I also think we should put some attention on the transigents that skulk the alleys at night, particularly because the action is happening on Riverview, next to the white river.  When we moved in, we heard from several neighbors that the homeless that camp under the bridge over Meridian and travel the white river tend to come out early in the morning and look for theft opportunities along that section and in the neighborhood, since there is a close and easy wooded escape route on the other side of the wall.  If one of them got pinched in our neighborhood and was looking for revenge, or it was simply in their nature to be violent, or a if group of them got bored or frustrated that they weren't able to find anything of value to take one evening, vandalism might be the outlet they use. 


I still think that having 24/7 motion detecting camera surveillance would be beneficial in some areas, particularly in the alleys.  They are inexpensive nowadays and easy to set up (no wires).



Not sure how many of you are aware of the IPL lighting program. If youi have a power pole in your alley or street and is not equipped with a light, you can call and they will install a light. The electricity part of the light is then put on your IPL bill. I have had a light in the alley just north of 64th  and Broadway for prob 15 years and pay for it myself (very minimal fee). It has been a great addition.

Joe Shipley - I agree with your post. Just because you are "young" does not mean you are destructive. I also think it's unfair to post something of that nature on such a public site. Also, from what I've been told the "homeless" who live under the bridge are actually young punks from the north who are just escaping their families. I don't think they are really "homeless". They are spoiled kids who have gotten into drugs or other things that make them a menace. Once the cold weather sets in they usually go away. I had my side window broken in with a brick about two years ago  in my garage so I completely understand the frustration of the recent victims.


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