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After watching yet another car get dropped off on our street, I decided to see what the municipal code has to say about it: 


Sec. 621-117. - Parking for longer than six hours restricted.

It shall be unlawful for the owner, driver or operator of any vehicle to park such vehicle, or to permit the vehicle to be parked or to stand, for a longer period than six (6) hours upon any street, alley, highway or other public place in the city, other than with the written consent of the owner or tenant of the property abutting the street, alley or place where the vehicle is parked; provided, however, this section shall not be deemed to permit the parking or standing of any vehicle in contravention of any other provision of this chapter or Code prohibiting, restricting or regulating the parking or standing of vehicles.



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A couple of cars come into the neighborhood, the driver of one parks the car, then gets into the other car, which then drives off to Broad Ripple. Sometimes the owner will stumble back to their car after last call, other times someone will drive them back to their car the next day. I've seen cars sit out on the street for as long as a week, not that I understand the rationale in that case...

I'm sure that, at best, they get a parking ticket. More likely, they get a sticker on their window saying they have to move it in 72 hours.

I might also suggest that the next time "permit" parking comes up at the city-level, you make your presence/voice known. Discussion came up around the same time the Westfield garage did, but I have heard no more.

Basically, it would mean an end to visitors parking on the streets without a permit, and each household would be permitted so many. Those not displaying these permits would face tickets or worse. The same system that prevails in a lot of college towns.

This is somewhat of a weekly occurrence the closer you live to BR. Sounds like some people staked out your street as their 'secret' free parking area.

The whole residential permit parking concept seems to be very foreign to most in Indy. I asked one or two of the officers who attended the annual meeting about it and they had heard nothing. So the city has mentioned it, but not even consulted IMPD yet about enforcement or how they view they problem and its relation to crime in the area.

Ideally for me, it would be a system that mimics some cities where it is permit parking only on game nights near sporting venues. The goal of course would be to keep drunk drivers off our streets, but also keeps them open all other times. I was thinking that "permit only" from 9pm to 6am Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is a good place to start the discussion.


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