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Today while walking home from the Broad Ripple Farmer's market, we witnessed one of the vendors severely beating his dog (an older male Weimaraner). He punched it (closed-fist to the head) a number of times and yanked the dog from his SUV by its neck, throwing it to the ground. The dog was clearly in pain and cowered in fear the entire time.

I called the police, but being with my three year-old I didn't want to stick around to see how things played out. We did see him drive by shortly after, so I don't know that the police did anything.

If you visit the market, please don't give this man your business. He is listed as Café Tables on the vendor list and is located between Pete's Peaches and Anna Belle's Garden on the north side of the market.

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Thank you for the info. It's sickening to hear. I'm glad you called the police.


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