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I just wanted to report that my house at 6452 Broadway was burglarized sometime between 2:30pm and 7:45pm on Wednesday, June 9.  Officer O'Connor, who regularly patrols our neighborhood, told me that he responded to a call earlier in the day about 2 African American male youths, one on foot and one on a bicycle, engaging in suspicious activity in the area of 61st & Central.  He and another officer combed the entire neighborhood and never found them.  Based on the method of break-in at my home, he feels that they are probably the same people.  They took jewelry, cash and, strangely enough, my passport. 


I would suggest everyone be on the lookout so that they do not becomes victims as well.


And if anyone sees anything at all suspicious, any information that they might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.



Lynn Levy

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Sorry to hear this Lynn.
Thanks - I think the best we can do is to tell as many people as possible so they can be prepared.
Thanks for letting us know Lynn. That is weird that they took your passport. Bummer that it happened at all.
How did they get in?
Through the kitchen window. They used a bucket to reach it, pried it open, cut a hole in the screen and climbed in. They exited through the back door.
Lynn -- thanks for sharing this with all of us. Sorry for the hassle and invasion. Ick!

I encourage everyone in Warfleigh to get to know your neighbors up and down your block or farther. Look them in the face so you will recognize them. Know their names and where they work so you can contact them if you have to. Be the kind of nice nosy neighbor that knows if things don't seem right. Be outside and present and watchful not just for yourself but for all.

Always call 911 if you see something suspicious happening at the moment.
Lynn, if there is a way to have that passport nullified/cancelled, you better do it. Most people don't look exactly like their photo ID,and I'm sure it's possible they might have a friend who could easily use your passport as a photo id to get who-knows-what in YOUR name. (Identity theft). So sorry this happened to you. Peace - Kelly
Thanks Kelly - I called the Passport office first thing this morning and the deed is done. I was even worried that someone would remove my photo and replace it with someone else's. But, per the agent I spoke with, anyone who tries to use it will be "detained". Now all I can do is hope some of my personal items turn up at pawn shops, etc. I really appreciate your concern.
Thanks, Lynn for letting us know.

We were burglarized at 64th & Central 8 - 10 years ago and within 24hrs received numerous calls from various alarm companies. Upon my insurance agent's advice, we chose to go with Nelson Alarm and have been very happy with our system, for what it's worth.

Our burglars watched the house, parked a van in the alley, and waited till our neighbor left. They were well aware of our schedule and broke in our back door with a crowbar. Electronics, jewelry, cash, and a couple of firearms were taken. Nothing was recovered.

I am retired now and know who belongs on our block and who doesn't. I'll be watching.

The locksmith today also recommended Nelson Alarm so, with your added endorsement, I plan to give them a call. But first I have to educate myself about the options/details of alarm systems as this will all be new to me. Someone from Guardian (?) showed up at my door today with a listing of recent break-ins pointing to mine as the most recent - big surprise since it just happened yesterday. I couldn't believe the nerve - the whole thing smacked of ambulance chaser - so I promptly told him I wasn't interested and asked him to leave.

I don't know if anyone had been watching my house or not but, since the incident, some of my neighbors have informed me of some unusual and suspicious behavior on our block so I suppose it's possible.

I want to inform my neighbors so that they can keep their eyes and ears open as well. I truly think that's our best defense.

Thanks for your input Teresa.
Sorry for your misfortune. Nelson Alarm is a great company!

Another endorsement for them. Thanks Kathy!


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