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BR Village Association attempting to annex part of Warfleigh without proper due process

Dear Neighbors,

I learned tonight that the BR Village Association is attempting to annex part of Warfleigh without proper notice. Their association representative Elizabeth Marshall has sent a letter to some houses in the effected area, but not all (including myself and my immediate neighbors).

Ms. Marshall's letter indicates that if you do not respond opposing the annexation, it will be assumed you are in favor of it. Obviously, for those of us who have not received the notice we cannot express our opinion. It seems as if the BR Village Association is not being transparent and attempting to annex part of Warfleigh without proper due process.

The affected area is between Meridian and the river, North of Kessler. If you live in this area and did not receive a copy of the notice, please contact:

Broad Ripple Village Association
6311 Westfield Boulevard, Suite 101
Indianapolis, IN 46220-1789

Thank you,

Tony Pickell

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Hello to everyone already on this train,

Thought I'd jump on, since, as a Warfleigh resident outside the geographic area currently
represented by the BRVA, I received the survey letter requesting my opinion about the BRVA's proposal to extend its western boundary to the edge of White River north of Kessler, a very logical one, in my opinion. Speaking of logic, it made sense to me that the survey was NOT sent to residents already within the boundary of the BRVA, which accounts for why the majority of
Warfleigh residents did not receive it--can't imagine that they would object to their neighbors also being represented by the BRVA.

Requiring survey recipients to respond in writing if they object to a request or proposition, but NOT requiring those in agreement to reply in writing, is a commonly used convention--I didn't take it as a presumptive gesture on the part of the BRVA.

I must say, as a member of the BRVA and a volunteer on one of its committees, I know that, in addition to the many worthwhile activities and inititives it supports, it is our community's only formal liaison with the City of Indianapolis. By joining the BRVA, I feel more empowered to have a say in issues affecting our community than I would as just one individual. And even if I were not a supporting member, I would be glad just knowing that an organization exists that is trying to address the expressed needs of the community and willing and able to represent those positions to the city government when there are issues on the table.

As far as extending the deadline for reply to the survey mailed out on May 14, I doubt that residents who aren't in favor of expanding the boundary to include their residence really need until July 1 to make up their mind about that.

I think this website is a wonderful tool for sharing helpful and important information of interest to Warfleigh residents, and I am glad we have access to an easy way of communicating with each other. However, in these 24/7 days of media saturation, I could wish that all the messengers would do a better job of vetting their 'facts' before sending them my way.

Now stepping off the train (and soapbox, perhaps),

Rita Hupp
Wanted to let everyone know that Elizabeth Marshall called me today to discuss the BRVA's notice. She indicated that notices were inadvertently not sent to individuals with zip code 46260, which explains why my neighbors and I did not receive the original notice. Ms. Marshall said the BRVA will be sending out notices to the 46260 residents affected by the boundry question and will extend the time period until July 1st so that all residents will have a chance to discuss the issue and vote.

Tony Pickell
Tony, I do hope you will make an effort to attend the WNA meeting on Sunday, June 28. It's really the best way to have a say in what happens in our neighborhood. Details will be posted soon on the website, but you can be assured it will take place that afternoon at the Trinity church at Central and Westfield. In fact, anyone who feels strongly about this issue either way definitely should attend.
Thanks Heather. Can you tell me what time the meeting is scheduled for?
That will be determined by tomorrow. I'm trying to get an idea from those who attend regularly which of three times is best to get the most number of people there.
We purchased our home a few years ago which is in Warfliegh but within the curent BRVA boundary. Any city/county documentation about the house only mentions Warfliegh.
We only choose to mention Broad Ripple as our residence when people have never heard of Warfligh, which is often.
Being able to be respresented by the BRVA is a HUGE bonus. I have the ulmost respect for this group.
If I undestand the situation correctly, the only thing the BRVA is doing is trying to broaden the pool from which they can have members.
If you do not want to get involved in the BRVA or have the group speak on behalf of some issue you and your neighbors are concerned about then you do not half to become a member.
If you have concerns about the city's plans or lack of plans for you neighborhood, then I would highly recommend joining the BRVA.
Being concerned about all the gi-normous condo projects being built in BR within the past few years, I decided to join the BRVA and have attended meetings/clean-ups/home tours/farmer's mkt volunteer, etc. I have found the group to be hard-working, engaging, flexible, and supportive. If anything good has happened in this area, it has probably been because of them.
Hi all! It's Elizabeth Marshall. I'm a resident on Garver Road and I'm a business owner in Broad Ripple. I also serve as the president of the BRVA (as you already know). I think we have a miscommunication on terminology - a better word is probably "affiliation" rather than "annexation." By being affiliated with the BRVA it won't change anything on the legal description of your property, it won't change the statistics, tax rates or anything else. It isn't a legal process.

The BRVA is a member based neighborhood organization similar to our Warfleigh Neighborhood Association. The BRVA represents a larger area and through membership dollars is able to provide things for the neighborhood it represents. Those benefits include having a full time paid director to work on neighborhood concerns, events and strategic planning. Other benefits the BRVA brings to the neighborhood include the Farmers' Market, Spring and Fall Gallery Tours, Historic Home Tour, Ripple Effect fun run/walk and many other events. We also represent the neighborhood with city officials regarding infrastructure and we work with developers on zoning. I know that I feel that the success of Broad Ripple Village directly impacts the value of my home and I'm proud to support the organization that supports the Village.

I'm also proud to be part of Warfleigh and of HARMONI (an umbrella organization that represents BRVA, Butler Tarkington and Meridian Kessler). I hope the term affiliation better describes what is happening. The more we can come together as residents and business owners, the more we can accomplish for our neighborhoods.

Keep the discussion going - I want to make sure all questions are answered!

Thank you for your willingness to share information on this issue. Given the concerns expressed, would the BRVA agree to:

1) Revise its tabulation methods to only count favorable responses as yes and not to assume those who do not respond are in favor of becoming part of BRVA; and

2) Extend the voting period until July 1st to allow neighbors in the affected area time to evaluate, discuss and respond to the BRVA's proposal.

I also appreciate that you identified the benefits you believe BRVA would bring to the affected area. Of those you mentioned, the Farmers' Market, Spring and Fall Gallery Tours, Historic Home Tour, Ripple Effect fun run/walk are all events any resident or non-resident can already enjoy. Also, Broad Ripple zoning issues are far different from those here in Warfleigh so I do not see how this would be of benefit to us. Rather, I believe it is the BRVA that stands to benefit from including more of Warfleigh and not the other way around.

Broad Ripple can be a fun place, but its name (for better or for worse) is synonymous with bars, drinking and traffic to many. As a resident of Warfleigh on Garver, I'm sure you would agree that our neighborhood does not have a similar reputation.

Thank you again for your response,

Tony Pickell
A couple of things. First here's the link I mentioned before
This should go to the discussions about the property lines of Warfleigh, and there's a link to the other discussion about the various neighborhood names all within what we consider the Warfleigh boundaries.

Second, I want everyone who is following this to know that this won't affect the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association and our crime watch efforts. Not one bit. We are very much a neighborhood community (despite my redundant choice of words) and we want to continue to include more and more residents and keep crime low. It's been just over a year since we re-established ourselves and we have lots of good momentum, plus loads of great ideas to improve our area. So like the example stated somewhere in this thread, it's similar to Forest Hills being a subset of the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association.


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