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Last night the stop sign at the NW corner of 63rd and Washington was graffitied. I just cleaned it up (FYI: CLR Kitchen and Bath CLeaner takes of Sharpie marker right quick!).  Yesterday my mother in law also had to report another car rearview mirror bashing - it happened either Tuesday or Wednesday night, she's not sure, at Central above 62nd.


It just seems things are getting a bit nastier out there.  Bad economy, warm weather, I don't know - but please everyone keep watchful and if you see any more graffiti please clean it away right away - I can help if needed.

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Hi Donna,


Who is your mother-in-law? Or if you don't want to tell me, where does she live?


See, I live one house north of the corner of 62nd Pl. and Central and know (last I checked) all my neighbors on that block. I've had my mirror lopped off when I lived in Meridian-Kessler, so your message is of great concern. Would enjoy speaking to your mother-in-law.

She's in the Lustron house.  My brother in law lives with her, and his truck mirror was bashed too, but that was awhile ago - maybe a year? - so I never connected it to our current rash of bashing.

The stop sign at 62nd and Park got the same graffiti treatment in July.  A spray bottle of 'Lift Off 4' from Lowes did the trick for me.


Also, there were some guys from the water company (whatever it's called now) doing trimming work along the canal yesterday on Laverock.  They took a 15 minute break and came back to find one of their string trimmers had been lifted from their truck.

My Lawn guy had a blower stolen from his trailer last week...10:30 am on a Wednesday on 63rd at

Meridian.  :-(

Rocky- with all due respect, I think everybody who reads content in this site is aware of the conflict you have with your neighbor. These discussion threads remain distinct from one another and I'd personally like to see neighbors being more pleasant to one another.


I have a hovel of noisy hippies that live next door to us, all a revolving door of squatters. I was pleasant from the start of them staying up drinking every night outside, and because of respect, they now comply. Did I have to ask more than once? Yep, but it never got out-of-hand.


You guys really need to give each other a big hug.

OK, mirror bashing or theft or any other issue aside,, I have noticed, while walking Chica, that there are many more stop signs with graffiti on them around Warfleigh.  I'll try to clean a few of them this weekend, will anyone else get out and do so as well?  We could clean every stop sign in the neighborhood in about 20 minutes if everyone does a couple!


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