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On Friday, 1/16, at about 3 pm, a black male in heavy winter clothing knocked on the door of a house in the 6600 block of N. Broadway. The resident opened the door thinking it was a UPS delivery. The man was holding a container of Clorox wet wipes. He said, "I have something for you." The resident closed and locked the door, and from her window, saw the man get into a black Suburban in the driveway along with two other black men already in the vehicles. On Sunday, 1/18 around 7 pm the vehicles and occupants of the same description were esen slowly driving the same neighborhood and looking at houses. No license plate number or better description of the men has been obtained. This info was read on the Metro North District Roll Call on Jan. 22.

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I don't want to think about what he might have been holding...
It's sad but I've started taking my phone with me when I answer the door.
Could be completely unrelated, but a few weeks ago, a couple was robbed and assaulted on Park Ave. near Laverock. The person who came upon the crime and reportedly scared them off reported the suspects were three black males in a dark SUV. This occurred on a Saturday night around 3am; sounds like they were waiting in the shadows for a vulnerable (possibly drunk) target.


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