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So I was sitting in my house (I live on Laverock) today and noticed something on the canal that was not a duck, a goose, a heron, a flying turtle (made that up), or a Colts player (didn't make that up).  It was a bald eagle, flying back and forth, trying to find something to eat.  It even landed on the tow path and just sat there for a moment.  Then it flew up into the trees and headed east.  I have lived here for many years and witnessed many unique displays on the canal.  The eagle siting was a first.  I hope someone else got to see him ( I'm calling him Edgar) and I hope he comes back. 

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Wow, very cool. We live on Broadway Street close to the river. We've seen a pair of bald eagles in winter flying by the bridge over College Avenue, but never up close as you describe. I hope Edgar returns and brings Mrs. Edgar along w/him.
John saw one soaring over the river on election day--so appropriate!

I saw a bald eagle on the river a couple weeks ago.  Apparently there are at least two in Holliday Park.


As long as they don't try to eat my chickens it's fine.  They are pretty, powerful birds - but I've already had two too-close-for-comfort run-ins in my backyard with Cooper's hawks, and lost two chickens because of it.  I don't want to have to chase an eagle away!


I also regularly see blue heron (?) on the canal, and I'm sure there is more than one.  They typically don't fly away until we're (me and dog) about 30' away from then - then they fly further down the canal and the same scene plays out again and again...they are beautiful, too!

There's a banded Kingfisher I see sometimes on the canal between Central and College.
Wow, you are keeping chickens? This is so cool, I'm very intrigued by the idea. Maybe you should start a group on the website for those who are currently keeping chickens, and those of us who are considering it. Thanks! Bridget
Sunday 10:44 Bald Eagle flew straight over my house, a great sight.

A single adult Bald Eagle regularly sits in the snag along the river atabove the intersection where Central Ts into Riverview. A number of folks that walk or drive that stretch of Riverview have seen the bird there.


That stretch of the river has hosted mute swans along with the regularly seen waterfowl this winter. The

Great Horned Owls should be incubating their eggs now in the large sycamore.


The male hooded merganser has returned again this winter and hangs on the canal near the central ave. bridge. He seems to enjoy the company of 3 particular mallards. He's very good at catching crayfish and small fish.

A single coot and female ringnecked duck are also spending time on the canal the last few weeks.


Red breasted nuthatches and a hermit thrush are being seen along with other more common feeder birds around Warfleigh. Last winter many of us saw Whitewinged Crossbills around Warfleighs hemlock trees and a few feeders.  Mostly a bird of Canads's boreal forests it's a treat to see them when they migrate to this part of the country.


.Anybody else seeing other birds of interest in the neighborhood this winter?








I'm just looking forward to the Spring northern migration of the Sand Hill Cranes in April which means spring is around the corner and then the Nighthawks in May that means summer is around the corner.
Could this be Edgar spotted a ways up on full x16 zoom above Delaware last week?
I saw a Bald Eagle while crossing the White River at 56th Street a few weeks ago, so it's good to see we have at least one in the area. I've seen one of the Peregrine Falcons more often in the area, looking for a feathered snack.


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