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6265 Broadway redevelopment meeting summary and Warfleigh survey request - Update

Update: I've also attached a summary of results from the survey to this post as well as a statement from the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association Board of Directors on this proposed development.

Thanks to all of our neighbors who were able to attend the meeting on January 12th in spite of cold and ice. Below you'll find a summary of the feedback, and a link to a survey that we'd like you to fill out. First though I'd like to explain how we arrived at having this meeting for Warfleigh residents.

Typically, the BRVA's Land Use and Development (LUD) committee handles all zoning and variance petitions for the defined area of the Broad Ripple Village which covers roughly half of the area of the Warfleigh neighborhood. They've been doing this for over 20 years and are well versed in both the history of the area as well as current code to help ensure consistency in the Village. The Wafleigh Neighborhood Association Board of Directors also keeps track of projects presented to the LUD committee since they can all have an impact on us. However, since the reboot of the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association (WNA) several years ago, there have not been any larger scale development projects where Warfleigh and the Broad Ripple Village intersect. Since this project is both large for the existing area and requires several variances to proceed, Warfleigh was identified as a key stakeholder and the BRVA LUD committee approached the WNA board with a request to provide a forum for our neighbors to both learn about this project and provide feedback.

Please now take a few minutes to read through the feedback below and then complete the survey linked at the bottom of this page. The WNA board will review all of the feedback and then make a recommendation to support or deny the requests made by the developer. This recommendation will play a role in the final recommendation of the BRVA LUD committee to the city at the zoning hearing for this project in February.

The developers for the project gave the presentation Monday and displayed site renderings that have been attached for your review. During this meeting, attendees had an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about the project. We identified five top concerns that stood out more for the group in attendance. Below that, you'll find the rest of the concerns mentioned as well as feedback in support of the development.

Please visit the survey hosted here to share your thoughts on this project with the WNA board.  Attached to this post is a PDF of the site renderings of the proposed development for your review:


Deadline for taking the survey is next Saturday, January 24th.

Top concerns:

1. There are too many units. 5 is too many. 1-3 could be okay.

2. Neighbors will lose their view of the canal

3. Building is too tall

4. Because the development has no setback and goes the entire length of the lot, neighbors feel it creates a huge wall

5. Sets precedent for massive developments in an otherwise predominantly single family home neighborhood

Other concerns outside of the above top concerns:

* The Dumpster is located by neighbor’s front door

* The Development, as designed, does not support the continuity of the design, look and feel of the Canal Esplanade (for example the sidewalks are 6 feet wide at the development, near Canal Point they will be approximately 20 feet wide)

* Preserve the historic towpath and nearby artifacts like the oxen bar

* The large tree along the canal will be removed or killed

* Neighbors will lose sunlight due to shading caused by the building height

* Neighbors want to preserve the single-family feel of this distinctly residential area

* The onsite garages will not accommodate tenants friends or visitors (architect said that there is space on the driveway for visitors to park, if that is so, please add to the site map)

* There’s no setback or not a deep enough setback

The comments collected that support the development:

* It is a custom, quality development

* The development supports urbanism and diversity

* The development sets a precedent for small multi-unit dwelling developments

* The development is an improvement at a gateway site

* The architect solved the massing issues by breaking up the design

Again, please visit the survey hosted here to share your thoughts on this project with the WNA board:


Deadline for taking the survey is next Saturday, January 24th.

Final Notes:

The next BRVA Land Use and Development committee meeting is Tuesday, January 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the Indianapolis Art Center library, at 820 East 67th Street.

The hearing for this petition is currently scheduled for February 12 at 1:00 p.m. in the City-County building downtown.


Steve Brining

President, Warfleigh Neighborhood Association

Note: I have disabled comments for this post since there are already several discussions on this topic and our intent is to gather distinct feedback from Warfleigh residents through the survey.

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