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5 police cars in alley of 6300 Park/Central 9:00 pm 7-18-09

Don't know what currently going on but theres 5 police cars in the alley a@6300 blk of Central and Park. A wrecker is removing a car that was sitting sideways across the alley.

Anybody know whats going on?

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I saw this on the way home and was concerned. I checked the Marion County Crime map and Indystar for incidents in the last couple of days but couldn't find any additional information. Anyone else know anything?
I'd keep an eye on the "Broad Ripple Headlines" section on the bottom-left front page of Warfleigh.net. Most of the big crime stories end up there at some point. In fact, right now there is a story of a man impersonating a police officer who tried to force a woman into his truck. There's also a story about a new brewery opening, so it's not all terrible news. :)
Just got to hope that this outlet is better than the one they operate in downtown Noblesville. So who gets to print off all these licenses?
I was told this morning by a neighbor that they had seen the police with a man in handcuffs. No one seems to know what the arrest was for though.
Thanks, Bill. I appreciate the follow up.
The white car was a Lexus it came around corner by vp and cvs and hit a car waiting to turn. It took off and tried to hide in alley. No one was hurt that I'm aware of.
I know what happened but ...do we really need to know ALL of our neighbor's business? Sometimes being a good neighbor means not knowing everything about your neighbor. I'm sure this guy is embarrassed enough.


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