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Hey All,

The date for the 2015 Great Indy Cleanup for our area is Saturday, April 18th.  Last year a group of volunteers helped clear out an alley between Park and Central, making is passable again.  If you have interest in volunteering as well as suggestions for a cleanup project this year, please reply to this post.  A two block section of alley was manageable for around 10 of use to clear in about three hours.  Another alley section could work as well as a more spread out project that could involve clearing the areas around sewers.  If we can get enough volunteers, we'll meet up on the 18th to help make another part of Warfleigh look much better! 

KIB’s Great Indy Cleanup is an anti-litter program in partnership with the City of Indianapolis designed to combat heavy litter and debris that has accumulated in public spaces such as streets, alleys, greenspaces and waterways.

Below are the quadrant dates for the April 2015 Great Indy Cleanup citywide event.

  • Saturday, April 18th Gary Loveless & Charles Ingram (Gary Loveless is the Neighborhood Liaison for Warfleigh)
What KIB provides
  • Packer Trucks / Dumpsters – In conjunction with the City of Indianapolis KIB will provide dumpsters and removal (may not be used for personal purposes). During the dates of the April Great Indy Cleanup Event City packer trucks are also available for community cleanups.
  • Cleanup supplies – Trash bags, gloves, and water (while supplies last)

Additional Cleanup Resources

Please Remember:
The dumpster provided is NOT for personal use (cleaning out garages, basements, homeowner association property, etc.) or the personal use of volunteers/neighbors. Disposal of the collected trash is donated by South Side Landfill, and is intended for cleanup of public spaces only. Failure to comply jeopardizes the neighborhood’s ability to benefit from future resources from KIB.

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Great idea, Steve.  I have April 18 on my calendar.  A few suggestions: 

1. Clear the alleyway near Riverview between Park and Central (part of it is clear—this is a “T” shaped alley and would be a continuation of what we worked on before);

2.  Clear debris from storm drains;

3.  Clear curbs of leaves etc that have lain there for years and have turned almost to mud (This blocks water flow and clogs storm drains);

4.  Trim shrubs that overhang from private property onto public sidewalks.

I also suggest having some kind of public education flyer in conjunction with this (e.g. that homeowners and residents have certain responsibilities for areas in front of where they live) 

The alley that goes from 66th down to the canal, the one behind CVS and Village Pantry. Litter pick-up. 

Thanks for the replies so far, and keep them coming.

With it being cool until recently, we may be able to get ahead of some overgrowth this year.  The two alleys sound like a good idea, as well as the overgrowth on sidewalks if we can start identifying locations soon.

If you can shake a few hours free on April 18th, come out and join us to help with the Warfleigh spring cleaning!

Thanks, Steve.  When and where do we meet?

We'll be meeting at 63rd and Park at 9:00 AM this Saturday.  The weather is looking good for now too!

The plan is to pick up trash from the alley between College and Broadway, and also shovel away leaves that are blocking storm drains in the area.  If you have a favorite shovel, you're welcome to bring it with you.  We have trash bags and gloves from KIBI to help.



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