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Did anyone hear what sounded like gunshots or firecrackers this morning, approximately 2:30am, July 24th? I usually can tell the difference, but I couldn't this time. I heard two sets, then awoke my roommate, then heard a third set of "shots". Called the non-emergency number and the dispatcher said that someone near the 6100 block of Meridian had already reported it. We heard 4 more sets of shot-sounding noises in succession over the next 30-40 minutes. Never saw a police car.
Any ideas?

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I do remember that, now that you mention it. I just assumed it was some inconsiderate numbskull with leftover fireworks, shooting them off in the middle of the night. I only heard one burst, though.
No, I didn't hear anything. I think I've transferred all noise-listening responsibilities to our dogs. Did you check the live 911 map after you heard the shots?
Yeah, I love the response you get from I(M)PD when you call to report gunfire. I called last year about some, and never saw any response. My initial reaction was kinda funny. I grew up to the sound of gunfire, between the local shooting range, and people hunting in the woods, so my first reaction was to disregard it, but then I woke up enough to remember I'm in Indy, not Langhorne, and I shouldn't be hearing gunfire. I called the cops, tossed on some sweatpants, then strolled the neighborhood. No other activity, no police activity.
I heard them as well. My husband thought I was crackers - heard 3 rounds.
I heard it as well. I didn't see anybody when I walked outside. I couldn't tell if it was gunshots or fireworks either. A neighbor of mine said she heard it as well and heard a crackle like a firework at the end. One never knows!!
Friday, July 25th - 9:54pm
Definately NOT gunfire (unless they're using muskets, lol).
I heard that, too, and I can't tell if it was the same or not as the other night. Either way, fireworks at 2:30am is too much! Wonder where it's coming from??
The last time I got annoyed enough to track down someone (they were shooting off mortars after 10pm on a weeknight), I told Amy that I thought it was someone on Broadway (we're on Washington), and a little north of us. I walked around until I found them, and they were in the duplex on the NE corner of 63rd and Broadway. Damn, I'm good! :-) They were setting them off where the sidewalks on the two streets meet, with kids running all around.
These people probably aren't the perps in this case since the original call came from 6100 Block of N. Meridian.

As I was typing this (11:01pm) I heard what sounded like an M-80 somewhere close to College Ave.
I am positive that they were firecrackers/fireworks because after the popping I heard the showering of the sparks down to the ground.
It went on for quite awhile. I assumed it was "young adults" shooting off fireworks.


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