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Website Name and Address Change - now Warfleigh.net

This site now has a new, easier to remember name and web address:


You can now get here by:


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Well, it worked for a few minutes then stopped. Warfleigh.ning.com still works, and I suspect that by the time most people get up today, Warfleigh.net will be pointed here.
Woo-hoo, it's working now. If you look at your web browswer's "Address" section, please make sure you are at Warfleigh.net. If not, please change your bookmarks to point to http://warfleigh.net.
Any chance the page title/site name can remain, Warfleigh while using the URL pointer Warfleigh.net? The page titles or the site name cascade down to widgets, RSS, etc. and it is a bit cleaner to drop the ".net". Just a thought.

I thought of that as well, but I kind of like it "branded" with the .net as a way to reinforce the URL address (this is not warfleigh.com or warfleigh.ning.com) and make it easier to distinguish discussions about the physical Warfleigh from the virtual Warfleigh, and also from the member "Warfleigh". One idea I had was to call it "Warfleigh Online" and get warfleighonline.com, but a name like that does not have ring of "officiality" that a simple warfleigh.net has. On a related note, I personally think it is confusing when a website is called something like "Warfleigh Online" and the domain is warfleigh.net.

So, this is a good discussion. Anyone else want to weigh in? I'm willing to do whatever the popular consensus is.
From a search engine optimization standpoint, you are going to be better off with just Warfleigh, but I do agree that branding it for the website instead of the neighborhood is a good idea.


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